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IFM-GT project

IFM-GT - Multisource Forest Inventory for optimizing forest management strategies in forest landscapes

This project funded by ADEME associates ONF (R&D Nancy), NGI (DIRNE) and IDF, and started early 2017.

The goals are:
 to develop for the first time in France multisource forest inventory (MS-NFI) as a method able to provide accurate estimations of forest resources (area, growing stock and wood increment) at the scale of wide landscapes to regional territories, based on NFI fields plots and VHF remote sensing sources and maps,
 to test the concept of regional information systems, flexible and updated, as decision support systems for regional optimization of resource management at the regional level.

The data come from:
 fields plots,
 2014 Landsat images,
 2013-2014 aerial photographies,
 forest structures parameters at the plot scale,
 the forest map (BD Forêt V2).

Nowadays, auxiliary data sources are more and more available and diversified. Technical progresses realized in the field of very high resolution remote sensing make it possible to develop these methods in France.


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