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Raw data

The NGI has developed an application for consulting forest raw data in an interactive and easy way, by the creation of point maps.

The results can be shown on a map (the green dots represent the plots concerned by the request). They can be exported on maps (PDF) or data tables (csv).
They can also be downloaded.

Discovery (“découverte”)
Visualiser les données brutes
Expert (“expert”)
Visualiser les données brutes
Raw data downloading
Télécharger les données brutes

The visualisation data are provided for the 5 last inventory campaigns (from 2015 to 2019). The data available for downloading are inventoried since 2005.

The translation of the request terms are available on this page.

-  The raw data visualization tool allows you to download the requested pieces of information, within the limitation of approximately 10.000 lines.
-  The geographical coordinates given are those of the sample knot (they are not the exact coordinates of the sample plot).
-  The statistical weight of each sampled plot is not communicated; given this fact, the raw data cannot be used to produce inventory results.