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The laboratory of Forest Inventory Selected publications

Selected publications

Forest inventory-based projection systems for wood and biomass availability - France
A Colin, H Wernsdörfer, A Thivolle-Cazat, J-D Bontemps (2017) Synthesis of EU Cost action 1001, Springer, book chapter, 159-174

National forest inventories, assessment of wood availability and use - France
J-C Hervé (2017) Synthesis of EU Cost action 1001, Springer, book chapter, 385-404

Forest inventories at the European level
J-M Leban, J-D Bontemps (2016) Editorial to special issue, Annals of Forest Science, 73(4)

Overview of methods and tools for evaluating future woody biomass availability in European countries
S Barreiro, MJ Schelhaas, G Kändler, C Antón-Fernández, A Colin, JD Bontemps, I Alberdi, S Condés, et al. (2016) Annals of Forest Science, 73(4), 823-837

Large-scale dynamics of a heterogeneous forest resource are driven jointly by geographically varying growth conditions, tree species composition and stand structure
H Wernsdörfer, A Colin, JD Bontemps, H Chevalier, G Pignard, S Caurla, JM Leban, JC Hervé, M Fournier (2012) Annals of forest science, 69(7), 829-844

On the interest of penetration depth, canopy area and volume metrics to improve Lidar-based models of forest parameters
C Véga, JP Renaud, S Durrieu, M Bouvier (2016), Remote Sensing of Environment 175, 32-42

Stem volume and above-ground biomass estimation of individual pine trees from LiDAR data: Contribution of full-waveform signals
T Allouis, S Durrieu, C Véga, P Couteron (2013), IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote 6(2) 922-934

Recent growth changes in Western European forests are driven by climate warming and structured across tree species climatic habitats
M Charru, I Seynave, JC Hervé, R Bertrand, JD Bontemps (2017), Trees 74 (2), 33

Nitrogen footprint in a long-term observation of forest growth over the twentieth century
JD Bontemps, JC Hervé, JM Leban, JF Dhôte (2011), Trees 25 (2), 237-251

When tree rings behave like foam: moderate historical decrease in the mean ring density of common beech paralleling a strong historical growth increase
JD Bontemps, P Gelhaye, G Nepveu, JC Hervé (2013), Annals of Forest Science 70 (4), 329-343


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