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French forest More than 190 tree species inventoried in France

More than 190 tree species inventoried in France

The French national forest inventory takes information on more than 190 different tree species, and 142 broadleaved trees !

A main species is the tree species whose canopy is covering the highest area on the stand, on the considered plot. The main species covering the French territory are oaks, beech, Maritime pine, Scots pine, Silver fir or Norway spruce. They are precisely distributed all over the territory :

Among them, a list of tree species specifically used for wood production has been established by the French NFI:

Ash Alder Aspen Beech
Birch Wild cherry or gean Chesnut-tree Dogwood
Elm Eucalyptus Evergreen oak Hackberry-tree
Hornbeam Red oak Willow or sallow Green alder
Hazel Laburnum Norway maple, sycomore maple Small maple
Cork oak Pedunculate oak Pubescent oak Pyrenean oak
Red oak Sessile oak Turkey oak Ostrya
Cultivated poplar Non cultivated poplar Lime-tree Locust tree
Olive-tree Plane tree Stranberry-tree Tiluptree
Walnut tree Wild service tree Other fruit-tree Other domestic broadleaved
Other exotic broadleaved
Atlas cedar Lebanon cedar Cypress American fir
Mediterranean fir Nordmann’s fir Silver fir French alpine juniper
Common Larch Exotic larch Douglas fir Aleppo pine
Arolla pine Black pine Loblolly pine Maritime pine
Mountain pine (pinus uncinata) Mountain pine (pinus mughus) Stone pine Weymouth pine
Norway spruce Sitka spruce Other exotic conifer Other domestic conifer