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The forest online Raw data downloading

Raw data downloading

The files « Raw data » are electronic database coming from the information collected in the field by the IGN operators’ teams on the French metropolitan territory. Those data have been through many checks and inspections before they were integrated on the ‘exploitation’ database of the French national forest inventory of IGN. An extract of this database is freely available for downloading on this page.

However, the statistical weight of the inventory plots is not given, which means that users of NFI data and products can not compile statistics on forests at any level (international, national, regional, departmental, etc.). The French NFI official statistics are exclusively those published by IGN.

Intellectual property of the data and the documents belongs to IGN. They can freely be downloaded and reused without any licence fee, according to Open Licence Etalab Version 2.0.

Before any download and use of the data, IGN thanks its users to read the licence content carefully and to respect it:


Users of the French NFI data and products downloaded from this website have the contractual obligation to cite: “IGN – French national forest inventory, Raw data, Annual campaigns 2005 and following,, updated on XX/XX/20XX” as the source of the data.

In any case, IGN does not grant any guarantee resulting on the use of the data, whatever the damage caused (direct or indirect, commercial or financial, or any other cause). The use of the data is entirely made under the user responsibility, especially for the products resulting from it.